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Play as Pedro on his quest to help Catrina recover her bones and save the realm of the dead from the evil and drunken “El Mariachi”

Catrina’s Plight was made as a final project for Vancouver’s Film School Game Design program and when we were thinking of what we could do as a project we thought that we could take advantage of our background as Mexicans and use our culture and traditions as inspiration.

Our first art decision was to follow a Day of the Dead theme since it’s our favorite tradition and it’s well know internationally so people will be able to recognize what it is about. Then for our enemies we thought of Alebrijes, which are brightly coloured Mexican folk art sculptures usually made with cardboard or paper of chimera-like creatures. Our main character, Pedro, we based on Pedro Linares, the original creator of Alebrijes 80 years ago.

The player will get the opportunity to change the set Pedro’s wearing and this will change the weapon and throwable object, the set is random and since the player never knows what they’re getting they have to take the decision of either stick to what they have or try for a different one.

You can see more of what I (Erika, 3D artist) did in the project (made by a team of 4) here.

Note: we made this game in 4 months and we sadly didn't have time to implement the boss fight :(

Project manager & programmer: Marius Poiret
Programmer: Javier Dalma
Animator & UI artist: Alejandro Ceballos
3D & technical artist: Erika Moya


Catrina's Plight.zip 743 MB


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Awesome little shooter you've made here! Really loved the art style and little comedy interjections in the loadout descriptions, even if some of it was lost on me. My only two complaints are that the movement is a little underwhelming (while the combat is most certainly not) and the final boss seemed to die in a single hit (if that even was the case, he might have just died from the door opening). But, overall, a pretty darn enjoyable experience!


Thank you so much for making a Let's Play! It has made my day :D

We made this as a student game 2 years ago (I'm just uploading it to itch.io now hehe) in under 4 months and sadly didn't have time to implement the boss fight, so we just put it there to die with one hit. But I'm really happy you liked it!