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What you have to do:

Group all joints (with 'joints' in the name of the group) and all ctrls in another (with "ctrls" in the name). [eg. "gp_myChar_joints" and "gp_myChar_ctrls"] Select the two groups and choose what you want to do.

What it does for you:

Orienting controllers to joints:

If you want a controller to orient the same way as a joint just make sure their core name (without suffixes and prefixes) is exactly the same. [eg. "ctrl_IndexF1_L" and "jnt_IndexF1_L" will orient the controller, "jnt_indexf1_L" won't.] Remember that now if you want to parent the controller you need to parent it's group, not the controller itself.

Mirroring controls:

The script will look for objects with the right and left suffixes (changeable in settings) and check if there's already a mirrored part, if there is not then it creates it and names it accordingly.

Coloring controls:

Automatic coloring for the controls depending on which side are they on (right, left or none).


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